Best color blind contact lenses

best color blind contact lenses

For most people Color blind contacts is better way for colorblindness enjoy life.protect your privacy,enhance your life qulaity.

People with total colour blindness cannot distinguish colors at all. Red-green colorblind people cannot distinguish red or green. Chromophilia can recognize colors slowly or very poorly, and in low light, some are almost color blind. When applying for university, some majors, such as chemistry, geology, pharmacy and other majors, restrict the application of color blind patients, of course, there are also a lot of inconvenience in life, such as color blind patients can not apply for a driving license, so color blind patients still have some inconvenience in life

Although we rarely encounter color blindness in our lives, there are data showing that the proportion of red-green color blindness in the world is still quite high, accounting for 8% of men and 0.5% of women.

It can be seen that the number of people with color blindness is so large that we have to pay attention to the feelings of these people. However, it seems that we have not met people with color blindness in our life. This may be because people with color vision deficiency think this physical defect is shameful, so they avoid talking about it.

What Causes Of Colorblindness

1.Congenital color blindness

Congenital color blindness is mostly recessive and is caused by the absence of three pigments in the cones of the retina.
Red-green color blindness is mostly X chromosome linked recessive inheritance, and the genetic rules are as follows:
If the mother is color blind and the father is not, the son is definitely color blind and the daughter is a carrier.
If the mother is not color blind but is a carrier and the father is color blind, the son or daughter has a 50% chance of being color blind.
Mothers are neither color blind nor carriers, fathers are color blind, sons are normal and daughters are carriers.
Both mother and father are color blind, and both son and daughter are definitely color blind.

2.Acquired color blindness

Eye diseases: refractive stroma, retinal cells, optic nerve, visual center and other diseases can cause color blindness.
Drug poisoning: such as digitalis poisoning.

Types Of Colour Blindness

Belong to complete cone dysfunction, total color blindness patients only light and dark, but no color difference, and see red dark, blue bright.
Red color blindness
The main symptom is an inability to distinguish red from dark green, blue from mauve, and purple.
Green is often regarded as yellow, purple as blue, and green and blue are mixed into white.
Green color blindness
The main symptoms are an inability to distinguish between light green and dark red, purple and turquoise, and mauve and grey.
Green is often seen as grey or dark.
Blue and yellow color blindness
The main symptoms are blue and yellow confusion. But you can tell red from green

Diagnosing Color Blindness

Pseudohomochroma inspection

Color Vision Test
shihara plate color test

Commonly known as “color blind test book,” it is the use of the same degree of shade but different color points to form a number or figure,we use ishihara plate for test color blind.
Color vision disorder is difficult to identify, error or can not read, can be confirmed according to the provisions of the color blindness table belongs to what kind of abnormal color vision.
Pseudohomochroma is the simplest, rapid and widely used color vision detection method

Color blind chromoscopy examination

Nagel chromoscopy
Nagel chromoscopy color test

The quantity required by red-green light matching can be recorded quantitatively to judge the red-green sense anomaly.Nagel chromoscopy now are normal for children and the elderly.

Color yarn bundle inspection

coloured wool test for colour blindness

It is to mix the wool bundle of different color, different depth together, make the person that be checked picks out the wire bundle of same color as standard wire bundle.
This examination can only be roughly qualitative, not quantitative, not suitable for screening of large areas

How To Treatment Of Colorblindness

Correction lens for color blindness is a kind of glasses used to correct color blindness, which is an effective way to correct color blindness.
Color blindness correction lens can also add diopter, suitable for both suffering from color blindness and myopia.

How Color Blind Contacts Works

The principle of color blind contact lenses is based on complementary color antagonism, special coating is carried out on the lens to produce the effect of cutoff wavelength, which can be transmitted to the long wave elderly and reflected to the short wave elderly. Wearing color blind glasses, can make the original color blind map can not identify the correct identification, to achieve the effect of correction of color vision disorders.

What Are Color Blind Contact Lenses

Color-blind contact lenses are made of non-ionic materials, which are relatively hard to absorb proteins and other precipitates, and the dyes used are very safe. The methods of wearing, removing and cleaning care for color-blind contact lenses are basically the same as those for ordinary contact lenses. However, attention should be paid to the fact that the lenses of color-blind contact lenses can not be cleaned with hot water or alcohol, nor can they be treated with hydrogen peroxide and enzyme tablets, otherwise the lenses may be oxidized and the correction effect may be affected.

Which Contact Lenses Can Assist With Color Blindness?

ColorKinds color blind contacts are currently the third generation of contact color blind lenses, using the latest nanotechnology.

which only passes through the 590 to 700nm (nanometer) incident light spectrum, improves the ability to distinguish patients with weak red/green/blue.

Colorkinds color vision contact lens is suitable for patients with red color blindness, green color blindness and red-green color blindness. The cure rate of red/green color blindness is as high as 97%, bringing the patients the joy of natural color freshness

colorblind contacts package pic
ColorKinds Contacts,best for red green color blind people
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  1. To improve the colour vision of patients with red and green color blindness, improve the ability of color resolution, so that patients with color blindness can see a colorful world.
  2. Anti-ultraviolet and computer radiation, color blind contact lenses in addition to correct color blindness, but also with anti-ultraviolet and electromagnetic wave functions, suitable for use in different occasions.
  3. The lens is made of non-ionic material, which is not easy to absorb protein precipitation, and is clear and comfortable to wear.

Matters Needing Attention

The operation and care of color-blind contact lenses are basically the same as that of ordinary contact lenses. However, the lenses should not be cleaned with organic solvents such as hot water or alcohol, and the lenses should not be treated with hydrogen peroxide and enzyme tablets to prevent the oxidation of the lenses from antagonizing the color light and reducing the color discrimination ability.

The center of color blind contact lenses is light red. After wearing, most patients may have a dim vision, slightly wearing light red feeling, but it does not affect work and life. The reddish lens is neutralized with the color of the iris, so it does not affect the patient’s aesthetics.

Color blind stealth usually has two kinds of flat light and wearing myopia degree, which can not only improve color discrimination ability, but also special preparation according to the patient’s refractive error degree.

Do The Color Blind Contacts Lenses Works??

Can patients be cured of color blindness after wearing red and green color blindness?

The answer is no. First, make a distinction between “correction” and “cure”, which are two different concepts. Color blindness is caused by genetic defects. Currently, medical science and technology have no way to solve and cure color blindness. Red and green color blindness films can enable patients to see the colorful world clearly. By wearing color blindness correction glasses, patients’ ability to distinguish colors will be greatly improved over time, even if the glasses are removed.

Colorblind Contacts Vs. Glasses

after wear colorblind contacts

For most colorblindness.wearing contacts are more convenience in many aspects of  life.

Protect your privacy:After wearing contacts,no one know your are colorbindness.

Better life quality:Improve the quality of sports and outdoor activities. especially for energetic sports

Does the color blind contacts help to passed the color blind test?

Yes,The contacts help people who has red green colorblind passed the Ishihara Color Blind Test

Should  We wear Color Blind Contacts All Days?

The answer is no, don’t need to be worn around the clock, patients at the time of training to distinguish between colors and color to wear, but we suggest that patients should stick to wear for half an hour every day or so, to help set up the correct concept of color, to achieve the purpose of correction, we don’t want to bought for color blindness patients after corrective contacts only in wearing a “critical moment”, Because this does not help patients improve their color vision, it also violates the original intention of the patients to buy these contacts.

The Red That How I See, Green And Normal Person See, Green Still Have Some Difference?

Actually people to feel the color is a kind of psychological process, a normal person to a feeling of color is not same, feel unable to quantify, people perceive color starts from the birth, the color of the color is unusual to see is not the same as normal person certainly, wear a color-blind after corrective glasses can see the color is to learn, slowly to reach the level of normal people.

Does The Degree Of Abnormal Color Vision Increase With Age?

Human cones are also constantly metabolizing, and their functions will weaken with age. Just like human eyes, vision will decline in older people, and the degree of color vision abnormalities in patients will deepen with age, which also determines that color vision abnormalities should be detected and corrected as soon as possible.

What Are Benefits Of Color Blind Contact Lens

Color blindness contact lens in the optical aspect to solve the pain of color blindness patients. The success of its development has brought good news to more than 200 million patients with color blindness and color vision deficiency in the world, enabling them to gain equal rights in life, study and work with normal people, and filling the gap in the field of optometry in the world.

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