6 Tips For How Color Blind Women Deal Sensitive To Bright Colors

color blind women

When we think of color blindness, we often picture a man who can’t tell red from green. But this is only one type of color deficiency and not even the most common one at that – there are actually four different types of color blindness. The most common type is found in about 8% of men and 0.4% of women (which means there are more than 2 million women with this form). In this article, I’ll explain what it’s like to be color blind as a woman and how you can deal with sensitive eyes in the world today!

1. Putting your hands firmly over your eyes

If you know in advance that you are going to be exposed to a flash of light, then putting your hands firmly over your eyes will help prevent any discomfort.

You can also use sunglasses and a hat or scarf. This can be used if the flash of light is not too bright. These tips are especially useful if you have sensitive eyes, but they may not always work depending on the situation and how bright it is. You should avoid glasses with tinted lenses as well because they will not do much good when dealing with bright lights; they will only make things worse for you by making everything look darker than it actually is.

Visors are another option worth considering because they block out some of the light while still allowing everyone else around them to see clearly through transparent sections within it

2. Bright light that has invaded your retina

  • The image of a bright light that has invaded your retina can leave a temporary imprint on your retina. By blinking repeatedly, you start to erase the image and it will disappear sooner than if you do not blink at all.
  • If you are in a situation where you need to look at something for very long periods of time (such as driving), try closing one eye for short periods of time and then switching sides with your eyes when necessary to avoid irritation in both eyes simultaneously; just be sure not to close one eye too often because this will cause strain on the muscles around the eye socket area and increase any existing symptoms or discomfort that may occur due to being colorblind

3. You should not rub or apply pressure to your eyes

You should not rub or apply pressure to your eyes when they have been subjected to a bright light or flash, as this can actually make the situation worse. Rubbing your eyes can cause the image to imprint more deeply on your retina, which is the part of your eye responsible for capturing visual images and sending them to your brain for processing. In general, rubbing or applying pressure only makes you feel better in the short term but makes things worse in the long term.

This is not the only reason why rubbing your eyes can be a bad idea. Rubbing your eyes can also damage the retina, which contains millions of light-sensitive cells called photoreceptors. These photoreceptors are what allow you to see color . Rubbing or applying pressure to your eyes can damage these photoreceptors and cause permanent blindness.

4. Apps on your smartphone will tell you the colors of things around you

color blind women

Download apps on your smartphone that will tell you the colors of things around you (if these are really important) or that will help take all the color out of something so that it is easier for you to see. There are even apps that will reduce the brightness of the screen on your phone and make it easier for you too look at iy.

In addition, if clothes shopping isn’t a big deal for you anymore, just keep in mind that different colors can appear differently on different people depending on their skin tone, hair color and eye color!

5. Ask a colored one which may be harder for you to read anyway.

  • If you are looking at charts with lots of colored bars or graphs, then ask for text descriptions of what is being portrayed in the charts instead – and ask for a white background rather than a colored one which may be harder for you to read anyway.
  • If your job is to present reports and data, consider creating slides that use plain fonts on a dark background so that they will be easy to read for those who are red-green colorblind (or even better yet, use text boxes). Remember that you should always have your business cards available so everyone can read them!
  • It’s important not to assume that just because someone is colorblind they won’t want bright colors in their life! There are lots of ways we can make sure our loved ones feel included without sacrificing our own fashion choices (and as we know how much fun it can be!).

6. Be honest about your situation with people around you

color blind women
  • Be honest about your situation with people around you, as they can often be more helpful than you expect once they understand what you’re dealing with and what difficulties yo t might have because of it, even if they don’t fully understand them themselves.
  • When people have a better understanding of your situation, they’ll be able to help you out more efficiently. Sometimes all it takes is the right person showing up at a critical moment. It’s important to note that it’s not always easy being open about this kind of thing; there may be some fallout from being honest (aside from people being insensitive jerks). However, in general, honesty is the best policy here — not just because it makes things easier for everyone involved but because being open about something as sensitive as color blindness also serves as an opportunity for others who might share similar concerns to feel less alone in their own struggles with society and its rules.


By following the above tips, you can find yourself enjoying color-rich environments more often. And remember, if all else fails, just take a break from looking at bright colors for awhile!

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