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What is color blind

Colour blindness is a congenital color vision disorder.

Congenital color vision disorders are usually called color blindness, which cannot distinguish various colors or certain colors in the natural spectrum; those with poor ability to distinguish colors are called color weak, and the color deficiency , although they can see the colors seen by normal people , But the ability to recognize colors is slow or poor.

When the light is low, some are almost the same as color blindness, or manifested as color vision fatigue. It is generally not easy to strictly distinguish the boundary between colour blindness and color deficiency. Color blindness and color weakness are more common with congenital factors. There are far more male patients than female patients.

There are many types of color vision disorders, the most common being red-green colour blindness. According to the theory of three primary colors, any color in the visible spectrum can be composed of red, green, and blue. If all three primary colors can be identified as normal people, and all three primary colors cannot be identified, they are called total color blindness. Those who have a reduced ability to recognize any color are called color weakness, mainly red and green, and blue and yellow. If there is a primary color that cannot be identified, it is called dichromatic vision, mainly protanopia and deuteranopia.

People with color blindness (weak) are born with no correct color discrimination ability, and think that others are the same as themselves, so they cannot consciously have the disease. Many colour blindness patients have no abnormal findings in their eye examinations.

What are color blind glasses

Color blind glasses is an glasses that uses color light discrimination to determine the type of color vision defect through special color matching. It is also a type of glasses used to correct color blindness. It is currently recognized as an effective way to correct color blindness. It can effectively improve patients Improve color vision and improve color resolution.

How color blind glasses works

Any color in nature can be synthesized by the three primary colors of red, green and blue, and the color vision of the human eye is also synthesized by the three primary colors of red, green and blue. If the cone cells are abnormal, there will be symptoms of color blindness such as protanopia, deuteranopia, and blue blindness.
If there are two kinds of cone cells on the retina whose function is low, the signal of the two primary colors of the three primary colors is low (commonly known as weak dichromatic) and the other primary color increases, and the patient’s color vision is abnormal. We call it type A colour blindness.

If one type of cone cell function on the retina is low (commonly known as one-color weak), and the other two are enlarged, the patient’s three primary colors will be out of balance, which is called type B colour blindness.

Color-blind glasses are based on complementary color antagonism. Special coatings are applied to the lenses to reflect too much light that enters the eyes through the glasses, and increase the light that enters the eyes too weakly, so that the proportion of the three primary colors entering the human eye tends to be normal. , And finally achieve the purpose of correct color discrimination.

Tips for using color blind glasses

1.The use of colour blind glasses should start from children

The ability to recognize color is cultivated from an early age. If a colour blind child can wear color-blind glasses from an early age, he will have the opportunity to recognize colors correctly. This is beneficial to the development of the ability to recognize colors when he grows up. In addition, he has been exposed to colors from an early age. , The ability to distinguish color will be greatly enhanced when he grows up.

2.Color blindness with color weakness should wear color blind glasses

1) You can wear prescription color blind glasses
2) First Wear color blind contact lenses first, then put on prescription glasses
3) First wear prescription glasses, and then put on a pair of colour blind lenses on the outside of the glasses,such as color blind clip on

3.One mirror with multiple uses

In addition to correcting color blindness, color blind glasses also have the function of preventing ultraviolet rays and electromagnetic waves. They look like light-colored sunglasses. Therefore, colour blind glasses can be used in different occasions. Computer radiation.
Most of our product has UV protect and blue light protection.

You Should Know When Your Put On Color Blind Contact Lenses

1) Patients with eye diseases cannot wear contact lenses
2) Patients who do not pay attention to hygiene and cannot follow the doctor’s advice cannot wear contact lenses
3) Those undergoing vision correction surgery cannot wear contact lenses within 1 year
4) Elementary and middle school students and the elderly over 60 should not wear contact lenses
6) Women during menstruation and pregnancy cannot wear contact lenses
7) Cold patients should not wear contact lenses

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Harmful of Color Blind

1.Inferiority complex

The harm of color blindness is to give people a sense of inferiority. The key to curing color blindness lies in alleviating the stimulation of color blindness to children. Therefore, schools should not check for color blindness in full view.
It is best to do it individually, It is best not to let the students around you know which classmate is colorblind, so as to prevent children from feeling inferior.

2.Limitations and obstacles in career

Experts pointed out that because red-green blindness cannot distinguish between red and green, they are not suitable for work that requires color perception, such as arts, textiles, printing and dyeing, and chemical engineering. For the driver, there must be no red-green color blindness or color weakness. Because people with red-green color blindness cannot correctly recognize the colors of traffic signals, signal lights (brake, turn) of the vehicle in front, etc.

What foods can prevent color blindness

1.Eat food containing riboflavin

Riboflavin can ensure normal metabolism and development of the retina and cornea. Foods rich in riboflavin include milk, cheese, lean meat, eggs, yeast and lentils.

2.Eat more foods containing vitamin A

Foods containing vitamin A can prevent dryness and degeneration of conjunctiva and cornea, and prevent and treat “dry eye disease”. The cornea of the eye is dry, easy to be invaded by bacteria and fester, can cause perforation, resulting in blindness.
Vitamin A also increases the ability of the eye to adapt to dark conditions. Severe vitamin A deficiency is associated with night blindness.

3.Eat more vitamin C foods

Vitamin C is one of the components that make up the eye’s lens, and a lack of vitamin C can make the lens cloudy, leading to cataracts. Give children more vitamin C intake of food, such as a variety of vegetables and fruits, including green pepper, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage, fresh jujube, pear and other content is the highest.

4.Eat more calcium-containing foods

Dietary calcium deficiency, will cause cheeper neuromuscular excitability increased, make the eye muscle is in nervous condition, thus increasing the extraocular muscle of eye pressure, easy to cause visual impairment, long period of time so give children eat more food containing calcium, lean meat, milk, eggs, soy, fish and shrimp, seaweed, vegetables, such as orange orange contain relatively rich in calcium.

5.Eat alkaline foods

Body fatigue is due to the acidic metabolism of most of the human body environment caused by acid, eye fatigue is no exception. When the body environment is acidic, it will make the cornea, and the ciliary muscle with the adjustment of eye fatigue change, elasticity and resistance to decline, easy to form myopia and amblyopia. If you eat more alkaline food, you will neutralize the acidic environment in your body and relieve eye fatigue. Alkaline food has the fresh food such as coarse rice, apple, citrus, kelp and bean, green pepper.

6.Eat foods containing chromium

When the chromium content in the human body drops, the role of insulin is significantly reduced, so that the osmotic pressure of plasma rises, leading to changes in the lens and the osmotic pressure in the eye chamber, prompting the crystallization to become convex, increased diopter, resulting in amblyopia, myopia.

Chromium should be consumed naturally from foods such as brown rice, corn and brown sugar. In addition, lean meat, fish and shrimp, eggs, beans, radish, also have certain content. Mother should pay attention to the baby to eat sweets can also make the lens and aqueous osmotic pressure changes, will also make the lens convex and increased diopter.

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